Meet Dr. Brittney Phillips

Dentistry allows me to positively transform patients’ lives by restoring, improving, or maintaining their oral health.

I enjoy offering practical education about dental health issues and helping people develop better home dental hygiene. I also enjoy the aesthetic aspect of dentistry and appreciate the opportunity to create beautiful, healthy smiles that my patients love.

As a dentist, I want my patients to feel comfortable in my chair, knowing they have my full attention and are receiving the best care possible. I want each to know I care about who they are as a person, look forward to their visits and hearing their latest news, and want only the best for them in their life.

— Dr. Brittney Phillips


Before starting her career, Dr. Phillips studied at Central Michigan University where she received her Bachelor of Science, and worked for a nonprofit organization treating and teaching oral healthcare to migrant children throughout Michigan. Dr. Phillips received her Doctorate of Dental Surgery from the University of Michigan. 

Since completing dental school, she has actively sought continuing dental education opportunities. Continuing education ensures that patients are offered the latest diagnostic, preventive, and treatment methods.

As new techniques and technologies are developed, continuing education is the best way for dentists to stay at the forefront of new options and incorporate those into patient care.

Dr. Phillips is an active member of the:

  • American Dental Association
  • New Hampshire Dental Society
  • Great Concord Dental Society
  • New England Dental Society 
  • Academy of General Dentistry

These organizations provide access to a range of continuing education courses and Dr. Phillips learns from the leading researchers and practitioners in dentistry.

Beyond the Practice

Dr. Phillips originally is from Michigan, but recently made the move to New Hampshire. She enjoys traveling, experiencing and exploring different places and cultures, and spending time with her boyfriend, family, and friends.

Dr. Phillips also loves going to the beach. She’s currently learning to surf, goes camping and hiking during the summer and fall, and skis during the winter. She also likes to stay active, whether she’s playing sports, going to the gym, or practicing yoga.

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